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Chief Sumbich
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The following changes will be made during server restarts tonight:

Weapon Mastery
  • Weapon Mastery traits can now be unlocked if you have not yet reached level 30, but have enough skill points.

Amazon Fury Part I

  • Keep it Safe: The crate can no longer be used as a weapon after it has been destroyed.
  • Hit Like an Amazon: Fixed an issue where an Eagle had an incorrect name.

  • Replaced the weapon model used by some of the sorceresses. The weapons should be a better fit for the animations used.

Iconic Vision: Circe's Trial
  • There should no longer be a second Circe in the final boss fight area.
  • Fixed issue where the first boss fight could be unintentionally reset after a wipe occurred.

  • Watch Your Step (Hero version): More landmines will now appear in the minefield and their positions will be more evenly distributed. Also, an increased amount of enemies have been sighted in the same area.
  • Flock, Stock, and Barrel: Fixed an issue where an Eagle had an incorrect name.
  • Suggestion Box: Fixed an issue where Couriers would leave and refuse to return. Increased the number of couriers in the mission area (Hero and Villain).

Themyscira Command Post
  • Fixed an issue where the dueling amazons could get stuck out of combat.

Themyscira Divided
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the statue weapons in the Temple or the statue shields in the Vista from being present.
  • Fixed a reset issue that could occur in the Temple and in the Vista.
  • Finishing this alert now gives credit toward the feats that count completed alerts.
  • Wonder Woman will use her Deflection Bracers less frequently.
  • Wonder Woman and Circe will no longer play quietly in the corner by themselves during the final boss fight.

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