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Chief Sumbich
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The following changes will be made during server restarts tonight:

Collections & Investigations

Arkham Island
  • The Gold Collection location near the Villain spawn location on Arkham Island has been moved.
  • The Gold Collection location near the exploration kiosk on Arkham Island has been moved.

Oolong Island
  • All investigations should be accessible.

Amazon Fury Part I – DLC 10

Gotham Under Siege
  • Tour of Duty (hero): Captain Sousanna has received a minor makeover and looks more like herself in Wonder Woman's iconic vision, Aegis of Truth.
  • Knight Shift feat (hero and villain): Players will receive credit for this feat when defeating a required iconic only while on that iconic's respective mission: Catch Mister Freeze!, Catch Killer Croc!, Catch Cheetah!, Catch Catwoman!, Hunt Down Wonder Girl!, Hunt Down Nightwing!, Hunt Down Donna Troy!, and Hunt Down Batwoman!

Alert - Themyscira Divided
  • The final boss fight should no longer reset incorrectly.


Spring Returns to DC Universe Online!

Spring is in the air, and Swamp Thing and Poison Ivy are again squaring off in Gotham City. Align yourself with nature and the season, and earn new feats and rewards in this year's event, available in-game now and for a limited time. Check out what's new!

Villains can learn more about Poison Ivy’s plans by speaking to her in the Hall of Doom’s Pit, while Heroes can speak to Swamp Thing in the Watchtower’s Aquacultural Area to help bring down Ivy and her minions. Speak to Veronica Cale (Villains) or Doctor Sarah Charles (Heroes) to find out more about taking on Swamp Thing.

Log in today to unlock these rewards and celebrate during the Spring event!

Hosted by:

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