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#9502761 May 13, 2014 at 05:21 PM
Chief Sumbich
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  • Mark of Triumph Max Cap - Added support to prevent consumption of mark granting items if the amount granted would put the balance over the cap.

R&D Components
  • The drop rate for R&D components has been slightly increased for Alerts and Raids for DLCs from Origin Crisis, Sons of Trigon, War of the Light Part I & Amazon Fury Part I.

Amazon Fury Part I

Alert - Themyscira Divided
  • When the Phoenix is knocked out, the animation no longer pops.
  • Wonder Woman and Circe as your ally will use flight in the final fight. * After a reset, your ally will no longer sometimes hesitate before entering the fight.

Feat - Themyscira Divided Alert
  • The Port Authority feat now shows the correct section of the Warehouse District for each ballista that was restored. Feat progress is unchanged...the list of locations for the ballistae is now in the correct order.

  • The Duos that are part of Amazon Fury Part I now count towards the "Complete # Duos" feats.

Gotham Under Siege
  • Watch Your Step (Hero): The Landmine Defuser is now on duty in the "hero side" of the minefields.

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