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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Aug 11, 2014)
man just when i thought of coming back theres a nerf.... plus iv missed out on a lot too. And you can share sp/feats between toons now?!?
(Mar 11, 2014)
yep I posted them :)
(Mar 04, 2014)
seen patch notes for GU35? Here come the weap nerfs!!
(Mar 03, 2014)
(Mar 02, 2014)
im in
(Feb 25, 2014)
Looking better now guys? :)
(Feb 24, 2014)
I got all the patch notes updated, will update the home page this week sometime.
(Jan 08, 2014)
ffxiv has had me pretty......... occupied but ol Has will be trying to get on more
(Jan 08, 2014)
Sup mofos
(Dec 22, 2013)
Welcome back
(Dec 19, 2013)
Will be updating the website shortly.
(Dec 19, 2013)
Howdy Peoples!
(Aug 06, 2013)
(Aug 06, 2013)
(Jul 14, 2013)
Typing on an iPhone sucks :-(
(Jul 14, 2013)
Let's keep Tiercse7en and syndicate se7en alive.... Anyony with me?
(May 21, 2013)
look guys I am open to events just hit me up and we schedule them out and see if we can gather some interest!
(May 11, 2013)
Wtf we need to get runs goin again. pretty rough trying to get in these t5 done when so many people suck
(May 05, 2013)
Unfortunately, doesn't seem to be enough serious pvp players :(
(May 01, 2013)
When you want to host PVP night Lad?